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Partner Invite

Dear Potential Partner,

We would like to invite you to explore the New England Style Sign Authorized Partner Program.
  New England Style Signs are a complete sign system that gives you and your customer more options for creating beautiful signs.  Since 2001, we have worked with our partners to develop a simple and straightforward method for helping your customers buy beautiful signs quickly and easily.

  • You can easily sell New England Style Signs. This beautiful higher end sign system is easy to sell, easy to install and easy to maintain.
  • Healthy margins on New England Style Signs ensure profitable sales
  • Smooth Surface (Printed), Carved Text (Painted & 23k Gold Leaf), PolyEngrave HDPE, Market Street Changeable Message Boards (and coming soon - Business Park Post & Panel Sign Systems)
  • Proven System - We have already sold thousands of New England Style signs via our Partners.
  • No need to reinvent the wheel each time you sell a sign, use our DSD templates to make a nice design/proof for the customer.
  • Web-based tools and picture based design/ordering system describe options quickly and makes it simple and straightforward to show/sell.  You will have the ability to proof, quote and close the customer immediately knowing that you will make money.
  • Help your customers decide what they need quickly, no waiting for a quote while the customer gets cold feet or goes elsewhere.
  • Easy to Install & Easy to Maintain, these custom signs are top-quality & maintenance free
  • We’ll ship the sign to your store or drop ship direct to your customer within two weeks from order (Smooth Surface) or 4 weeks from order (Carved Text)

  • Free Digital Shape Downloads are .eps vector files and make it easy to "Show and Sell" the sign shapes, sizes, options and mounting system, then after the customer has approved your final layout just forward your artwork and it will fit perfectly on final sign system
  • As a partner you receive aggressive discounts on New England Style Signs.
  • Rewards Program is Sign Stuff ExtraBucks!  Each time you place an order at, we will round your purchase to the nearest dollar amount and issue you ExtraBucks Points.  One dollar equals one point.
  • Regularly send our partners coupons for discounts on purchases
  • Partners receive Showroom Marketing Collateral that helps promote New England Style Signs throughout showroom.
  • Easy No Cost Partner Signup - Click on "My Account" at the top of this page to sign up for the Authorized Partner Program.  We will consider your application, and after verification if you are qualified to sell this terrific sign system, we will send you the complete showroom marketing kit at no charge.

Our system makes it easy to design layouts for each of your prospects!.  You can order and download our FREE New England Style "Digital Shape Downloads" from the shopping cart. "Digital Shape Downloads" are .eps vector files showing shapes, sizes and mounting options available. The tools we have developed have been designed to make it simple and straightforward to show and sell a higher end sign. You don't need to reinvent the wheel each time you sell a sign. Use our DSD templates to make a nice design and proof the customer. Use the shopping cart to discuss the options available and quote them prices immediately. These tools give you the ability to proof, quote and close the customer immediately and know that you will make money on the job. No more waiting for a quote while the customer gets cold feet or goes elsewhere.

Even though it is a wholesale website, we designed so that the prices shown are retail.  That way if you happen to sit down at the computer with a client they will not see your discount price on New England Style Signs, unless you are logged in under your account and add the product to the shopping cart.  If you don't want your customer to see your costs, simply don't log in under "MY Account", any products you add to the cart will not display your cost.  Then after the client has left, you can simply log in using the password you created, you will see your cost when you add an item to the shopping cart.

We hope that after you are authorized, you will consider us your "manufacturing plant".  We look forward to working with you on many exciting new projects.   Our many products and services will help you make additional income and will enable you to service your clients with new items. If you have questions, please call us: 888-454-0306. 

Have a great day!

Your Partners At Sign Stuff, Inc.