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New England Signs Great For Multi-Unit Housing

Posted by Administrator on 7/23/2010 to New England Signs
Consider offering New England Signs any time you have a prospect from an apartment complex, condo association, Home Owners Association, office complex, etc...

Whether they need a shiny new entrance sign or a dozen to 50 signs that highlight features around their complex, NES offers them a beautiful look that is maintenance free at competitive prices. We recently completed a nice order for an HOA that included a number of signs for traffic control as well as an entrance sign.  We believe that complexes without signs don't communicate well & they look naked.  Look at the picture below and you'll see what we mean.
Naked Condominium Complex

The NES system makes it easy for you to offer lots of options to help every customer have a unique look, yet help them keep their look consistent and help them build their brand for years to come!

 New England Signs

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 New England Signs Great For Multi-Unit Housing

 July 2010