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Carved Text

New England Style Signs offer our Partners and their customers a fast, affordable, convenient and safe way to order beautiful, brand-building signs.  We have sold thousands and thousands of business, church, organization and residential signs throughout the United States via our dealer partners.  We know that a strong design creates a powerful first impression.  This impression can entice a prospective customer to remember your location and visit when they have a need for your product/service.  You and your customers deserve a cost effective brand building sign system that starts delivering a strong image out at the street, and extends into the lobby. Click here to see sample pictures of New England Style Carved Text Signs.

 Products (Total Items: 7)
Small Carved Text (approx size 14
Small Carved Text (approx size 14" x 20")
Retail Price: $439.00
Large Carved Text (approx size 18
Large Carved Text (approx size 18" x 26")
Retail Price: $539.00
Extra Large Carved Text (approx 24
Extra Large Carved Text (approx 24" x 31")
Retail Price: $619.00
Jumbo Carved Text (approx size 30
Jumbo Carved Text (approx size 30" x 40")
Retail Price: $849.00
Magnum Carved Text (approx size 36
Magnum Carved Text (approx size 36" x 48")
Retail Price: $1,330.00
Grand Carved Text (approx size 47
Grand Carved Text (approx size 47" x 63")
Retail Price: $1,835.00
Pro Carved Text (approx size 47
Pro Carved Text (approx size 47" x 88")
Retail Price: $2,549.00
Carved Text New England Style Signs are made by routing a 1 inch or 1.5 inch thick building grade PVC signboard. They are rigid, strong and lightweight and handle all weather conditions very well. They are impervious to insect damage, UV stable, the pvc signboard does not expand and contract like wood - therefore it does not "pop" the paint off the letters. They are also heat and cold resistant, designed for long term outdoor use and maintenance free - just requiring occasional washing w/mild soap and water when dirty.